Thursday, 7 July 2016

EATON 9130 2kVA (1800W) Full-conversion UPS

As I no longer service UPS, all my stock has aged and its far more cost effective to buy a brand new unit than to refurbish the old "line-interactive" units.

Two of my 1500VA units have now died and were not worth my time repairing so now I'm down to one small one for the Home Theatre and two big ones for the storm pumps.

The problem with these old units is they are NOT tolerant of operating on generator power and as their batteries age, it now costs a minimum of $480 for the small ones and $1200 for the big ones, just to buy replacement batteries!

So I decided to do something I've wanted to do for ages, that is to buy a good full-conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which will:
  • operate on the generator during extended outages so I don't need as much battery capacity
  • provide true "clean" power for all the computers and home theatre equipment
  • cost less to upgrade batteries for, in the future.
So I did lots of web research then went out an bought an EATON 9130 2kVA UPS from Power On Australia
It was promptly delivered and I powered it up.

Now understand that I've handled many UPS models and sizes, but none of that prepared me for the noise that assaulted my ears when I powered this baby up!
It was competing with some of the 10kVA systems I've worked on!

Two little 80mm cheap-as-chips case fans were managing to produce a cool 51DB of noise (at the standard 1m measuring distance)!!

In a quiet office when you're trying to have a hands-free/conference phone conversation .... nah! ... that's just not doable!

After some more Google searching I discovered this was another well-known problem (though why I didn't see it in my pre-purchase research I'm not sure)  ... wasn't expecting noise to be an issue I guess.

Long story short, I obtained permission from the supplier to swap out the fans for two "silent" high-flow equivalents, without voiding my warranty.

I've yet to press it fully into service but at-least its 'ready' now and seems to be more efficient than the  old line-interactive one it will replace  :-)  


Marko said...

I have identical issue and have changed fans to "Noctua 80x80x25 NF-A8 FLX". Only problem is that now UPS gives error message about fans. I suspect it's because rpm is not high enough on these.

Which fans you are using and do you get error status with them?

Col. Sanders said...

I used the Noctua Redux RF8 1800 RPM with airflow of 53.3 m3/h which has marginally better airflow than your A8 choice
Theoretically the 2x RF8's will give you an extra 5.8 m3/h airflow for only 2dB extra noise

When I eventually managed to find the specs of the original fans, I discovered they were 4,500 RPM !!! and almost double the air volume of the Noctua’s at 90 m3/h vs 53.3 m3/h
Hence so noisy and hence the UPS is seeing the 1,800 RPM of the Noctua’s as a fan-fail
Model Code:
9A=Plastic 08=80x80mm 12=12v G=SpeedCode(4,500RPM) 4=25mm D01=With-a-lock-sensor

After hours of searching I’ve discovered there is NOTHING in the 80mm fan range which will directly replace those two noisy original fans for RPM or air volume, let alone anything quieter!

The issue is that under full load, if a component fails and there is any sign of Mylar or PCB overheating, warranty will not be honored.

Col. Sanders said...

P.S. I checked with tech support and there is no supported way to override/reset the fan warning. I just live with the constant alert showing on the LanSafe console